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Air Conditioning & Heating

Ensuring your heating during winter in your car works should be a priority as with keeping cool in the summer, heating and air conditioning systems in cars are complex and tucked away behind the dashboard and in the engine bay making it tricky for people to work on themselves. We have the tools, the experience and the time to ensure your heating and air conditioning works to its optimum.

Brakes & Exhausts

Ensuring your car can stop is top priority and a good quality set of discs and pads on your vehicle is a wise investment, we only fit quality pars on vehicles and are confident that the parts we use will not fail you. Ensuring your exhaust system is working correctly and is in good condition with no holes or leaks is important to the performance and fuel costs of your vehicle, it is also part of your MOT.

Electrical & Diagnostics

As technology moves forward so does the intracity of modern cars electronics, with modern cars diagnosing a fault can be easier if you have the equipment, we use state of art diagnostics equipment to quickly locate an electrical or engine fault, cars are fitted with sensors all over them and tracking down a fault manually can be extremely time consuming, we are here to help and can diagnose your fault and advise the action required to reach a solution to your vehicles problem.

Engine & Gearbox

If your engine and gearbox is having trouble then your whole car is in trouble to, they are the heart and lungs that keep your vehicle moving, we have experience in servicing and repairing all types of vehicles engines and gearboxes. A clutch change or a complete gearbox refurbishment we have the tools, we can repair and rebuild engines and bring them back to an almost new condition, going directly to a main dealer or the manufacturer to repair these components can be very expensive and we are confident we can keep that cost way below what you may have to pay by going direct.

MOT Repairs

When your car fails its MOT it can be very worrying, most of the worry is how much it is going cost to have repaired, the good news is that most of the time it isn’t as bad as it sounds. When we work on a MOT failed vehicle it gets sent back for its MOT and passes. Nobody likes MOT time but it is necessary to ensure your vehicle is safe to use for you, your passengers and other road users.

Suspension & Steering

Suspension and steering are equally as important as each other, failed shock absorbers will make the car unstable and stopping much harder, it is important to ensure that they and the spring along with other components such as antiroll bushes are all in good working order.

Timing Belts

Timing belts need to be inspected and changed at scheduled intervals, the damage a timing belt snapping while your engine is running can be quite substantial. From bending valves to damaging the pistons it causes many problems and to resolve this means stripping your engine down. If you are due a change or would like us to inspect your timing belt, give us a call or pop in.
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