Engine & Gearbox

A properly maintained engine can last the lifetime of your vehicle but inevitably things can and do break. It can be very worrying when there is a problem with your engine or gearbox, first thing that comes to mind is the cost, put your mind at ease and let us address the problem and provide an estimation for repair.

Engines and gearboxes are made up of a large number of moving components, they require cooling and lubricating as they work to keep the vehicle in motion, it is always advisable to perform weekly checks on your oil and fluid levels and even more so before you go on a long journey.

Regular servicing will ensure minimal impact on the engines moving parts however, if you hear unusual sounds coming from your engine it is important to get it checked as soon as possible, AutoLab Milton Keynes has a fully equipped workshop including ramps and heavy lifting equipment and can work on your engine or gearbox in or out of the car.

Aside from buying a house a car is probably the second most expensive investment you will make, ensuring that your investment will serve you for at least the life of the payments you make towards it is good sense.

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