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Using our specialist diagnostics equipment, we have access to most computer systems the same as that of a main dealer. Using this equipment empowers us to track down faults to their point of origin so that we can check the individual components in the system and quickly repair the underlying fault.

Vehicle electronics are becoming more and more complex, gone are the days of pulling a few wires out or probing your multi meter around your wiring loom and switches. We are always investing on new equipment (mostly Snap-on) and ensure that any updates are installed on our current devices.

When warning lights appear on your dashboard it is important to have a diagnostics check, sometimes it may just be a glitch and we can simply reset it but there are times that those warnings mean that something is happening or going to happen and if ignored could mean that a repair that was minor could turn in to major works costing you time without your vehicle and more importantly costs that could have been avoided.

Most of todays new vehicles have an on-board computer, and engine control unit or ECU, this computer continuously monitors your vehicles performance using sensors fitted around the vehicle, these sensors report back to the ECU and report any problems and generate an error code that our diagnostics equipment read and identify what the fault is.

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