Air Conditioning & Heating

Be it summer or winter it’s good to ensure that you can either cool down or warm up when you need to, being stuck in traffic in sticky heat isn’t fun and is probably the only reason you need to ensure that your air-conditioning in your car is fully charged and ready when you need it.

Equally the same can be said with your cars heating, not only does it keep you from feeling like you’re in a refrigerator in the winter, more importantly it keeps your windows mist free and that is especially important in the rain so consider it also a safety feature for your car.

AutoLab perform these checks as part of your cars service schedule and our service mechanics will provide recommendations of any servicing that your cars heating and air-conditioning might require.

A vehicle’s heating matrix and systems are complex and are generally tucked away in the bulkhead between the dashboard and your engine, most of the time special tools are required to perform maintenance and repairs on this area of your car but rest assured there isn’t a tool required that we don’t have in our workshop.

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