Suspension & Steering

In short suspension refers to the parts that are connecting the vehicle to the road surface, every car, truck and bus etc has suspension, it is there to support, absorb and makes turning the vehicle safer.

Suspension systems are made up from lots of different components and each one vital to the well being of the rest of the system, designs vary and can be different significantly but they all serve a single main purpose.

Suspension and steering play a key role in the stability of the vehicle on the road, the tracking in the steering keep the wheels pointing in the right direction not to mention helping keep tyre wear and fuel economy as efficient as possible.

Springs keep the car up and the shock absorbers do exactly what the name says, they absorb the shock but also stop the vehicle from bouncing but without correctly functioning shock absorbers the springs will cause the vehicle to bounce too much and cause instability when driving.

These are the many other parts including bearings, ball joints, steering rack, CV joints, bushes and other components that keep the vehicle safe and firmly on the road, it is always important to ensure that these are working as they should. Our technicians will inspect these components on services and pre-MOT checks and provide a written detailed report if any work is required.

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