Timing Belts

So, what’s a timing belt for? The opening and closing of an engine’s valves need to have precise timing with the up and down movement of the pistons. The valves are connected to a camshaft or shafts, the camshaft/s movements operate the valves.

The top of the engine and its movements (Valves and Camshaft) need to work in sync or timing with the lower part of the engine which is driven by the pistons, these are driven by a similar mechanism as the camshaft known as a crankshaft.

In order for them to work together a belt (Timing Belt) is fitted to cogs outside the engine connecting the camshaft at the top to the crankshaft at the bottom thus ensuring that the engines “timing” is correct and the engine can run.

Even if your timing belt is not due replacement, at your vehicles scheduled service we will inspect the timing belt for any obvious signs of wear and tear and provide you with our recommendations.

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